The Schaller Mortgage Success Team just loves Team Tip Tuesday. This is an outlet where we can provide fun home improvement ideas that  you can apply to your household on a weekly basis. This week we discuss “Must have Mudroom Ideas for Your Home”.

“Looking at mudroom ideas and planning a remodel—no matter how small or large—might seem like a deep back-burner project, especially if your kitchen cabinets need an overhaul and every shrub in the yard is begging to be pruned. But adding smart details to your entryway might actually save you time and reduce daily stress. And while you’re at it, why not give yourself a stylish and well-organized place to store every shoe, umbrella, and set of keys so you never lose your head trying to find them again?

These are the seven decorative elements that every good mudroom (aka a high-traffic area by the front door) needs, reported by Realtor.com”.

Check out the link below for complete article.


Please comment below on any creative ideas you have for your Mudroom or entry way.

Chris Schaller

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